Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vega-73 2/20 Russian C- Mount lens review

Vega-73 2/20  is a C- mount lens.
I got the lens from ebay, Ukrainian seller for Rs. 2300 INR on July 2014. 
On the lens, Bera-73 2/20 is written, Bera means Vega in Russian. 
It came with a macro extension tube.

I never used the lens and shelved it because I found it a bit tacky but today I Thought of trying it out due to renewed interest.
The lens is is very small! 
The focus ring touches the adapter so rotating it becomes a bit hard and if some force if put, the whole lens loosens from the mount which is the downside of screw mount lenses, same for M42 lenses.

  • The center is sharper than I expected. I like the results. 
  • Vignetting is quite strong. Not bad for special effects.
  • It gives swirly bokeh.
  • The photo at f/2 can get very soft or faded when taken against the light.
  • I love the colour even though the camera was set at Vivid. The green looked a nice shade of green. I think it has a green tint lightly. 
  • Focusing was not that easy. It was hit or miss.

These photos have been resized in Photoshop and no other editing done.
All photos were taken in f/2, widest aperture. 
Some of the very close-up photos were taken with macro extension tube.