Saturday, 16 August 2014

Independence Day

Yesterday was Independence Day in India.
I didn't go to the field yesterday to watch the parade.
During my middle school days, I was part of the School marchpast team.
My father and me spent the morning watching TV, where panelists were discussing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech in Red Fort, Delhi.

This morning I went to look for a missing boy in Chandranagar, Itanagar. He drowned in the over flowing stream near his house...there was a witness... There were many search volunteers and they didn't let my friend Dibit and me to go volunteer in searching teams. The little stream had become bigger with strong currents from the torrential rain which has been pouring since days now. The Search Party consisted of only men. Dibit and me, like other women volunteers, helped in cooking for the Searching parties. 
I hope, the poor boy's body is found soon. At least his parents can give him a decent burial... 

We came back after our work was done and I had Lunch at Dibit's place.
Her house is in Moub-II, on top of a hill and from there I could see the ground where the Independence Day was celebrated on the previous day. I saw the Indian Tri-colour and got an idea to shoot something before they took it off...
Dibit and me, took her relative's kid- Yaya, with us for the shoot...

Photos from the day:

Am I really free?

A day of contradictions...

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Yellow Dog

The Yellow dog

I loved to take stroll in this particular lane which had a certain wild plant with white flowers growing, leaving a very sweet fragrance in the air. Just like any other lanes in Santiniketan, the road is made of red mud and gravel.

This fine day, while taking a walk with my camera, I saw a dog sitting on a wall looking far away... 

Usually I carry a packet of biscuit or pack of a bread for street dogs and cats. I had a packet of sliced bread with me on this day too so I gave him some. He ate it and looked at me for some more. I gave him the remaining slices. There was this peaceful presence about the dog. He wasn't too jumpy or excited  like others dogs who gets hyper when I feed them. He didn't follow me either. He was walking from one end of the wall to the another like he is enjoying it. 

I took few snaps of him and here are these sets of photos of the yellow dog. 

Post edited them in PS6 and used Color Efex Pro 4 on some of them.
Canon 40D with Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4

Monday, 11 August 2014


We give so much importance to "Today" and "Tomorrow"... "Yesterday" has a poignant feel to it... People associate 'yesterday' with looking back, falling back and not moving forward but it plays an important role in shaping today and tomorrow. So many memories- good and bad makes yesterday special...
At times we don't like to remember the bygones since they remind us of pain, struggle and failure. In this, we often forget to focus on the good memories that we had.  
I am reflecting back on few quaint moments I had in my life through series of random photographs...