Saturday, 22 February 2014


I bought KONICA HEXANON AR 35mm F2.8 Lens from ebay for a song (INR 2000).

This is not a technical lens review. So I will just state what I observe from my (layman's) point of view.

The copy that I have is Made in Japan with serial no. 7160623.
The diameter of the filter thread is Ø55mm.
It has 6 bade aperture blades.
It is solid all metal construction. The focus ring is tad hard in my copy. 
The widest Aperture is f/2.8 and the smallest is f/16. 
The lens locks at EE which is Orange in colour and it is f/16 actually.
I'm not sure if it is multi-coated since it is not mentioned o the lens but it controls the flare very well.

All the photos are taken with the lens without any Photo editing. Photos resized in Adobe Photoshop CS6.
The lens gives super smooth and creamy bokeh. Also the sharpness and contrast is good overall. The colour reproduction is also good (will vary according to camera sensors too). 
It may give different and even better production in fullframe and APSC cameras. I have used it in Olympus E-PL2 and it gives a focal length of 70mm with the camera. 

Most of the Photos are taken at widest f/2.8 and rest in f/.5.6


Friday, 21 February 2014


Today I am sharing very dark theme of Photography... Subjugation.
It is a Concept Photography that just happened by chance... 
Actually I saw this entree for Photography Exhibition in Nandan Gallery, Santiniketan and I thought of the theme: Subjugation since it's been affecting me for sometime now and this concept is what first came to my mind.... I wanted to try a theme called "Bolpur memories" but I guess it will have to wait...
Even if the theme doesn't get selected, I am sharing these photos with you. It is dark, scary, haunting and disturbing...

About the Photos: 

“What you see on the surface is what we live inside.”

The Photos are a personal portray against oppression and discrimination in India. As a “Mongoloid woman” I have come across discrimination as a woman and against my race. The sentiments shown in the photos are an inner conflict that I feel. It cannot be seen on the surface but it is the result of constant battles that I have to fight against discrimination. We are subjugated against our will. The battered girl with bruises and blood that you see is a representation of what I/ we feel inside. It may not show outside but we are hurt by the ill treatment vested on us. 

Camera:     Canon 40D
Lens:          Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-D
Edited in:    Adobe Photoshop CS6 (dodged and burned and sharpened)
Model:       Kompi Riba
Make up:    mea culpa

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Apatani Girls

I shot these photos of my friend and her cousin for a personal project: Apatani Girls
My friend Ampi is of Apatani tribe, one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. I have decided to cover Apatani rather than my own tribe- Galo because it was easier to. My friend's mom has good collection of Apatani ethnic dresses and ornaments so it was easier to cover it. 
I will explain each dresses and ornaments's name and purpose later since I don't have the Apatani encyclopedia with me nor my friend is available at present.

I have also added other Apatani Photos.