Monday, 27 January 2014

Olympus Trip 35

This lovely camera, I bought it from ebay just like many of my other cameras.
I have not actually used it. I lent it with a Kodak Gold 400 film to my friend, Ampi to use it, who is also my model (like she is featured in almost many of my people/ portrait photos). She got it developed and told me that most of the photos came out blurred. Guess, she/ we didn't know any better. 
I got her converted into film photography fan! I am so glad that we can save Film Photography this way, by getting more and more people interested... Also I helped her bid on Nikon FM2n from ebay! Now, I have someone near me to share notes with! :)

Right now, I am staying in Bolpur, far away from home so I don't have Olympus Trip 35 with me. Later on once I use it myself, I'll update photos taken with the camera.
For now, Olympus Trip 35 makes a very good subject.

Photos taken with Olympus E-PL2 and Minolta MC 58mm f/1.2 lens. 
Colour increased to 50% in PS6 RAW and resized the photo to 1.9MP (sharp for screen).

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bolpur Memories with Nikon FM2n...

The moment I got down from the train, I felt an instant connection with this place; Bolpur.
Is it my imagination or expectations from this place? Or am I just trying to find a similar ground to feel comfortable...?
I need to explore the place more...

I met a distant cousin of mine- Kompi, who took me to the local weekly, Saturdays only market somewhere in the outskirts of the town. The market is called as "Shaniwar Hut" or Saturday Market literally. 

It was before Poush Mela. I saw all these lovely handicrafts sold by local and visiting craftsmen from nearby villages.
Boul Singers were also singing and some people were dancing with them...
Lovely- lovely market...

Tha's Kompi, my cousin...

Soulful Boul Singers...

Below photos are from Poush Mela (23rd- 26th December 2013).
Click here to see the photos I shared earlier of Poush Mela:

Anyi and me, we didn't sleep and went early morning to buy groceries in the Bolpur market which is like walking distance of 5 kms... Lovely morning~

 ...and the kid goat called...Ma~

Afterwards, we went to Anyi's house to look at the construction. I took few photos around.

 Anyi took this of mine