Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mini DV Camera

Mini DV Camera

Mini DV Camera
Purchased from ebay:

GBP 1.00 + Shipping 7.97 + 9% processing fee = 9.77 = INR 755.89

Cute... Not the best quality but good as collectibles... 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Night Photography

It was a windy and cold night,
Dark and unknown,
This night I wrote a poem,
In colours could I paint,
What I saw- beautiful night!

Stars stars stars on earth!
How beautiful the night is!
Cried the Bougainvillea!

The moon looked over as Bougainvillea talked to her shadow,
She said without me you wouldn’t have a soul to talk to,
Bougainvillea said, “Yes, indeed! Thank you!”

Camera: Olympus PEN EPL2
Lens: Fujian TV Lens f/1.