Saturday, 23 July 2011

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CCTV 25mm f/1.4 CCTV Lens CCTV 35mm f/1.7 Lens CCTV 35mm f/1.7 Lens IMG_2470CCTV 25mm f/1.4 Lens MC Helios 44-M 58mm/f2 on Canon 40D

It's been an erratic week. Strong rain and next strong sun light. Nevertheless life is smooth...

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Yesterday I got my 2 new CCTV lens for Olympus PEN E-PL2. I am so excited! :)
CCTV 35mm f/1.7 (FUJIAN China TV Lens GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7) - $39.99
CCTV 25mm f/1.4 (LOMO MC. 25mm 1:1.4 HDTV) - $36.99

E-Bay purchases: Neoprene camera body case- $10.98 from newrun and a set of Hatsune Miku Camera Cleaning Cloth- $4.49 from mymetallic . Cute right?
I also got A Canon and a Nikon marked cleaning cloth cum camera warps for $4.90 each. I love their purpose and quality. If anybody is interested check the seller's page- ifgmarket
Photo taken with LOMO MC 25mm f/1.4 HDTV lens:
Self Portrait: 
Olympus E-PL2 Camera
LOMO MC 25mm f/1.4 HDTV Lens
ISO - 4000
Exposure time - 1/125sec
Aperture- f/4
Aperture priority

 Subject- Tulsi Sharma
Olympus E-PL2 Camera
LOMO MC 25mm f/1.4 HDTV Lens
ISO - 200
Exposure time - 1/4000sec
Aperture- f/4
Aperture priority