Thursday, 13 November 2008

May 19 2008 Celebration (posted on Nov' 08)

(Birthday Girl and Coco)

I have neglected this blog for a long time now. These photos are from my birthday, May 19 2008, it has been long gone. 5 months left for my coming 2009 birthday from now! Anyways…
I was appearing for my final year MA- Mass Communication exam so I didn’t celebrate it with friends. In the morning my sister and Coco turned up with a cake and three of us did the ceremonial job of cutting the cake. Later in the evening I took my sister and a common friend Shan to a Korean restaurant called "Sun and Moon" in Vasant Kunj. There are very few Korean restaurants in Delhi. The restaurant we went wasn’t grand, just a regular one and even the meal were regular Korean fare but we had a great time nevertheless. The bill was $30 (INR 1500). After the meal we went for a long drive around India gate…

Coco and Anyi

Cards from My sister

Herbal Tea/Appetizer

Side dish/ Starter

Chom chom~

Main Course


Bibimbad- Mixture of rice and vegetables. I had to do away with the omlet as I am a vegetarian. *_*



Mellow- desert :)