Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Park Hotel

These are few of the photos of Park Hotel, where I'll be having my photo exhibition. My photos are amatuer because most of the selected photos were taken 2 or 3 years back shot with normal compact digital camera. Now that I am using a high-end DSLR hopefully I'll take more beautiful photos hereafter...

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I am writing after a long gap... My life have been very eventful all these days and very interesting things happened! I bought my first DSLR Canon EOS D40 for a neat 84K and Sigma wide angle lens and Sigma telephoto lens (both from Chandani Chowk, Delhi)! Ah!!! I am so happy....I still didn't get the hang of my new camera.....I am just playing with it, hopefully I'll be able to fully master it soon.

My life had a dramatic turning point...I met Ashish Chopra through Lisa-di and he offered me to be one of the 3 photographers to showcase their photos in a food festival organised by him for free in Park Hotel, Delhi! What could be sweeter than that! He is a wonderful person; gregarious, friendly and very optimistic about life. I also met the other photographer, Amit Singha, another awesome man....

This is my stepping stone and I have been given such a grand platform that even many other budding photographers don’t get! I am so happy at the moment, I am trying my best to do what I is with destiny! This will be my life's first photography exhibition!!!

Whosoever is reading this, please be welcome to come and see for yourself, not only mine and other photographers' displays but also to enjoy the 8 days ongoing food festival with lots of cultural and other extravaganzas put in which will be held from 7th to 14th of December.... Welcome ^___^

*for 23k and 17k respectively