Saturday, 29 August 2015

Haldi, the orange cat

I found him in the dumpster looking for food. He was so scrawny but brave. The neighbour's dog, Blacky was almost going to bite him and he very bravely stood ground and just hissed. I shooed away Blacky and brought the cat home.
My mother named him Haldi which means turmeric or the colour orange in Hindi.
Haldi and my baby Coco kind of got along, not really. Coco doesn't actually care much or chase chase him but Haldi is wary of Coco and stays away.
Twice we thought we lost him when he went into convulsion but was saved on time by the vet and once he went missing but after a long search we found him with some children near our house.
Actually when we got him, we couldn't decide whether it was  a 'he' or  a 'she' but after a long discussion and with the approval of vet, we agreed that it is a 'he'.
He is slowly gaining his weight...